Are You Scrap Time Poor ?

Posted June 24 2015

Are you Scrap Time Poor ?

Why it is important to find the time to scrap and why it is essential for a healthy wellbeing !

Life is beginning to spin around you , and it feels like everyone else wants a piece of you ? By the time you work, attend to the house duties, run the kids around cook dinner , there is just no more hours in the day left for you to enjoy some down time or some scrapping time. SO DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU ?
I know that at times it is my scrapping time that is sacrificed for the family. I knew that there had to be a better balance and developed some ways that have worked that allowed me the time to explore my more creative side.
Create a folder on your computer or a pinterest board where you can pin or store any layout or technique ideas that you may see , this makes it easier to find later on when you need some inspiration.
Scrap every day for 15 minutes to 30 minutes to keep the ideas flowing.
Use the time whilst waiting for appointments to research your next layout, or maybe crotchet some flowers or doilies if you have that skill.
If you are able create a small space or nook where you can scrap in ,let this be your escape area ,your area to create .This area will allow you to leave that layout out and work on in small lots during the day, because if we have to continually put it out and pack it away it will become a chore
Keep a supply of ready designed kits ., this helps you to keep scrapping when you are feeling a little less creative, good co-ordinated kits will save you valuable scrapping time, because you will spend less time looking for the right product and more time creating
Join a monthly crop group or classes , meeting and sharing ideas with others will help to spur on the creative flow, plus it also allows some guilt free scrapping time just for you ! Shop and Crop Hold classes every Monday night and have a Monthly Crop day on the last Sunday of every month ,ph 0431 460 930 for more details.
So how does all this effect our well being ? Your well being is looking after ones self and a hobby helps to create a passion that one enjoys ,this then helps to reduce any stress levels .Some research has shown that if you start your day by scrapping early in the morning ,this means that you will start your day off in a positive note !