MM2 Impasto Medium is a full-bodied texture paste and modelling compound. It may be thought of as a "heavy-bodied paint", free of colour pigmentation (however, it is not clear).

This medium dries to a low subdued sheen which is similar to the sheen on a dried paint film of Matisse Colours and it is equally water-resistant.

The MM2 Impasto Medium dries with a very open matrix. This has the major benefit of allowing all the water to evaporate while losing less volume on drying than other Gels or acrylic colours. Therefore mixtures of this medium and Matisse colours may be applied much more thickly in a single application than paint alone, without the fear of shrinking or cracking. Care should be taken when creating thick applications, taking into account conditions and drying time required.

MM2 Impasto Medium allows for free intermixing with the Matisse Colours in any proportion. There is very little visual colour loss when up to equal volumes of a Matisse Colour and MM2 Impasto Medium are intermixed.

The presence of MM2 Impasto Medium on the canvas does not increase or lower the gloss rate of the finished painting, nor does it cause any light reflection distortion.

Although MM2 Impasto Medium is not fully transparent when dry, it will not alter the richness of Matisse Colours in any substantial way.

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