Colour Shimmer Cube - Watercolour - Stormy Weather


This product is a shimmery watercolour cake.

Directions: For use on paper, cardstock, plastic, metal, wood, chipboard and other surfaces.  Activate cake by spraying with water.  Do not close lid on container until cake is dry.  Lids can be left off this product without causing any issue to it.  Store this product on a flat surface out of the direct sunlight and heat.

These are hand made so maybe some imperfections, cracking,bubbling and sinking that is all part of the drying process.  This does not effect the product.  

It is acid free, non-toxic and non flammable.

DO NOT LEAVE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT OR HEAT AS THEY WILL MELT.  If you do this, leave the lid off them until they set again.

Warning: Not for use under 12 years of age without adult supervision.  Do not eat.  Avoid contact with eyes.  If you get this in your eyes, wash your eyes out and seek immediate medical attention.

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