Lindy's Stamp Gang - Magical Set - Powdered Paint - Haunted Halloween


Magicals (powdered paints) from Lindy's Stamp Gang combine the shimmery goodness of micas with a deep vibrance, all left in a handy powdered formula so you can get as rich and vibrant as you want and use a number of different mediums to paint with! Magicals are a unique product containing a pigment stain that activates with water and includes a burst of mica shimmer. Magicals work on fabrics, wood, ceramics, paper, cardstock, etc. Paint or highlight over chalks, watercolors, watercolor pencils, embossed images, markers, copics. Batik, fabric paint, wash on wood, paint on canvas, etc. Each package includes five 1/4 oz. jars of powdered paint in the following colors:

  • Freaky Franken-lime
  • Ghostly Gargoyle White
  • Hag's Wart Orange
  • Witch's Potion Purple
  • Screamin' Banshee Black

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